WW1 & Anti- Conscription Campaign in WA

The three sources in this section provide insight into the intense public interest and passion aroused by the divisive conscription referendums in Australia in World War I. An evocative postcard from an Australian soldier serving in France also provides a glimpse of the war through the eyes of a young serviceman.

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Crowds at an anticonscription rally in Melbourne, 1916

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Flyer advertising 'The Echo' newspaper, 1916

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Postcard sent from France by Duncan McCallum, 1917


For more information about John Curtin’s involvement in the anti-conscription campaigns of 1916 and 1917 see the 1917 entry from the web resource Diary of a Labour Man: 1917-1945. For further information about the anti-conscription campaigns see General Secretary of the WA Labour Movement 1911-1921 in the web resource Alex McCallum: an Extraordinary Western Australian.

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