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From 1923 until his untimely death in 1945, John Curtin's home was at 24 Jarrad Street in Cottesloe, Western Australia. He travelled by tram, train and bus to work like many other ordinary Australian husbands and fathers. He was the man next door. The only difference was that he was also Australia's Prime Minister. He led Australia in its darkest hour when a Japanese invasion seemed imminent in 1942 and when Australia turned to America to save the country from that terrible possibility.

As you explore John Curtin's humble home you will glimpse the life of an ordinary, yet extra-ordinary Australian family.

The following activity involves you in using a variety of primary sources including photographs, audio clips, video clips and documents to test the following hypothesis:

That even as prime minister, John Curtin lived the same humble life as he always had and that this was an inspiration to other ordinary Australians during World War II.

The exploration has three parts and consists of multiple choice questions, mix and match questions and a final written paragraph or two with your conclusions about the hypothesis. The activity is designed to be completed after you have finished viewing all the parts of the resource Visting John Curtin at Home.

1.'Moving West' & 'The Early Years'

2. 'Accommodating Work and Family Life' & 'The War Years'

3.'Farewell to the PM' & 'Re-visiting the Hypothesis'

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