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Robertson Library: 40 years at the heart of Curtin was researched and written by Lesley Wallace, with editorial input from Lesley Budrovich. Content for the years of Geoffrey Allen’s leadership drew heavily on the research undertaken in 2006 by Heather Galluccio for a timeline on the history of the Library.

University Librarians Geoffrey Allen, Vicki Williamson and Imogen Garner generously provided their personal reflections on the main directions/achievements/challenges for the Library in their respective periods of leadership.

Web design was by Sue Grey-Smith.


Many of the images used in the web resource were from the collection of original photographs housed in the Library’s Closed Collection. David Wylie and Greg Wallace provided assistance in converting slides and print photographs from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s into digital formats suitable for the website.

More recent images were sourced from the Library’s collection of digital photographs stored on its shared network drive. Where images were sourced elsewhere, this has been noted either directly near the image or as detailed below.

1972-1980: Floor plans and images of pages featuring each level of the Library were taken from the commemorative booklet produced for the opening of Robertson Library, T.L. Robertson Library, Western Australian Institute of Technology, 1972.

1981-1991: 'Level five of the Library, 1980s' and 'The Government Publications collection on level four, c1982' were sourced from T L Robertson Library sign manual, by J Henderson, 1982, Perth, WAIT

Architects impression of Robertson Library extensionsArchitect's impression of Robertson Library after the completion of the extensions.

From cover of Curtin University of Technology Library Annual Report, 1992.

Level five in 1972Level five in 1972.

Image from commemorative booklet T.L. Robertson Library, Western Australian Institute of Technology, 1972.

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