We hope that teachers, students and community members will enjoy these interactive quizzes and activities. Each is based on the displays from particular parts of the exhibition.


Jigsaw Puzzle - Solve the jigsaw puzzle and reveal the headline of the front page of this newspaper.


From Poor Boy to Prime Minister: Activity - Try this memory teaser and mix and match dates with significant events in Curtin's life.

From Poor Boy to Prime Minister: Maths Activity - John Curtin was pretty good at everyday maths. See how you compare in these number and date activities designed for children of primary school age.


Crisis at Home and Abroad: Quiz - How do you rate your knowledge of the events of the war years in Australia? See how you shape up with these 10 questions.


The Homefront: Activity - Explore issues such as conscription and rationing in this activity which uses photographs and cartoons as well as text from the exhibition.

The Homefront: Quiz  - 10 mulitiple choice questions to challenge your understanding of important issues on the homefront. See how you score!

  Crossword: Activity - Use clues from the online exhibition displays to complete this crossword. How 'clued-up' are you?

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