From Revolutionary Firebrand to Journalist in Spirit - Mix & Match Activity

  1. Match these newspapers with the most appropriate time period in John Curtin's life.

The Daily News, The Rambler, The Westralian Worker, The Socialist, The Timber Worker


1906 to 1915

1913 to 1915

1917 to 1928



2. The people in the table below are mentioned in the online exhibition in connection with at least one newspaper. Match them with the appropriate paper or papers from the list below.

The Mirror, The Call, The Sunday Times, The West Australian, The Westralian Worker, The Rambler, The Socialist

Norman Lindsay

Victor Courtney

Tom Mann

HJ Lambert

'Dryblower' Murphy


3. The quotes in the table below were made by John Curtin at different stages of his political and journalistic life. Match each quote with the appropriate time period in his career.

Revolutionary Firebrand, Union Editor, Westralian Worker Editor, Casual Journo, Journalist in Spirit

Our civilisation is as vunerable as any other. It cannot withstand indefinitely the failure to provide one-third of the population with the essentials of existence

The organization of Labor is more important and more necessary than any group of men, however long they have been in parliament, and howsoever brilliant may be their intellectual equipment

The frightful magnitude of the industrial crisis is equalled by the amazing inaction of the respective governments - it passes understanding

He's been fighting with newspapers all this time-now he can learn how to live with them

Revolutionists we are, " not because we are in love with revolution, but because revolution is forced upon us by the economic and social conditions of the day

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