From Revolutionary Firebrand to Journalist in Spirit - Quiz

1) Before he became a member of parliament, John Curtin worked in a number of different jobs including:

One answer only.
   paper boy, union secretary, factory hand, editor
   teacher, orator, journalist, editor
   copy boy, costing clerk, union secretary, editor
   copy boy, union secretary, trade assistant, barman

2) John Curtin's first article was published in

One answer only.
   The Westralian Worker
   The West Australian
   The Timber Worker
   The Socialist

3) John Curtin was editor of the following papers:

One answer only.
   The Socialist and the Timber Worker
   The Timber Worker and the Westralian Worker
   The Westralian Worker and The West Australian
   The West Australian and The Sunday Times

4) A feature of Curtin's writing at the Timber Worker was

One answer only.
   the placing of inspirational or educational messages above the mast-head
   the use of borrowed engravings and woodcut cartoons
   serious articles which took a long time to get to the point
   all of the above

5) It is clear from Curtin's writing in The Timber Worker that

One answer only.
   he was a supporter of conscription for military service
   he favoured large industry wide trade unions rather than small craft unions
   he believed that politicians would solve the problems of war and poverty
   he believed that paying union dues was the most important part of trade union membership

6) Which of the following problems did Curtin face when he arrived in Perth to become the editor of The Westralian Worker?

One answer only.
   He'd never worked on an 'ordinary' newspaper before with multiple deadlines
   The Westralian Worker was very conservative and sometimes gave more space to sport than politics
   The paper was not run in line with Labor Party policy
   All of the above

7) John Curtin wrote in The Westralian Worker 'we can do without them, but they cannot do without us'. He was referring to:

One answer only.
   union leaders
   union members
   Labor parliamentarians

8) As editor, John Curtin made changes to the Westralian Worker, including:

One answer only.
   lower subscription rates and more advertising
   better layout, a new logo and more advertising
   inspirational messages and less tabloid style journalism
   longer, more involved editorials and less advertising

9) Curtin's changes at the Westralian Worker resulted in:

One answer only.
   a rapid increase in newspaper sales
   a substantially increased profit
   lots of job offers for Curtin from other newspapers
   none of the above

10) John Curtin's writing changed in a number of ways during his time as editor of The Westralian Worker. One change was:

One answer only.
   his articles became more diverse and international in their content
   his articles became more parochial, concentrating on events taking place in Perth and Western Australia
   his writings became more humorous and witty
   none of the above

11) John Curtin left the Westralian Worker in 1928 to

One answer only.
   join the Labor Party
   become a member of Federal Parliament
   work with another newspaper
   become president of the Australian Journalists Association

12) John Curtin believed that it was important to have a positive relationship between journalists and politicians. The best evidence for this is:

One answer only.
   his appointment of a press secretary while still in opposition and twice daily briefings with journalists once he became prime minister
   the many positive tributes written by journalists on John Curtin's death in July 1945
   his belief in the principle that journalists always told the absolute truth
   his statement that 'we can do without them, but they cannot do without us'

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