Original exhibition

Guest Curator Margaret Moore in association with the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library and the John Curtin Gallery gratefully acknowledges the support of the following organisations and individuals in making the original exhibition possible:

  • The Kerry Stokes Collection
  • The Art Gallery of Western Australia
  • Hazel Hawke
  • Prue Watson
  • Pat Barblett
  • John Stringer
  • Carol Porter
  • Olga Tsara
  • State Library of Victoria
  • Magenta
  • BullDog Graphics
  • Vasse Felix

For more information about the original exhibition, see About the exhibition.

Online exhibition

Author/Curator: Margaret Moore

Web design: Sue Grey-Smith and Lesley Wallace

Thanks are gratefully extended to the following people and organisations for facilitating the inclusion of artworks, photographs, documents and audio-visual content contained in the online exhibition Without classification: Hazel Hawke.

  • Hazel Hawke
  • Prue Watson
  • Michael Callaghan, Redback Graphix
  • John Stringer, The Kerry Stokes Collection
  • Olga Tsara, State Library of Victoria
  • Curtin University of Technology
  • John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library
  • John Curtin Gallery
  • Network Ten
  • 6PR, Perth
  • National Press Club
  • Heide Smith Photography, Canberra

Installation shots of the exhibition were taken by Robert Frith, Acorn Photo Agency and individual photos of artworks were taken by Hans Verslius, Learning Support Network, Curtin University of Technology.

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