Bibliography of Australian Folklore

This is an online version of the bibliography listed in Graham Seal's The Hidden Culture: Folklore in Australian Society (2nd rev. edn. Black Swan Press, 1998). Its aim is to help readers to quickly locate important and useful works relating to various aspects of Australian folklore. It is in no way comprehensive, ignoring for instance, the considerable number of journal and magazine articles about folklore as well as many other works that often claim in their titles to deal with 'folklore'. Likewise, the bibliography does not attempt to note the many works in fields such as history, sociology, anthropology, psychology and other specialisations that frequently - if parenthetically - deal with one or more manifestations of folklore.

As far as possible, works are arranged in categories that describe the majority of their content - Folk Speech, for instance, lists books that deal primarily with this topic. Some books, of course, deal with a number of forms and those will mostly be found under the headings Studies of Folklore and General.


Select Bibliography of Australian Folklore

Community Folk Heritage Bibliography


Cover of the Hidden Culture, 2nd ed by Graham Seal, 1998.
Cover of The Hidden Culture,
2nd ed., by Graham Seal,
Black Swan Press, 1998.

Select Bibliography of Australian Folklore

Folk Speech

Baker, S.J., The Australian Language, (1945) 2nd edn., Sydney, 1966.

Cooke, E.A., The Early Goldmining Terms and Popular Collocations, Sydney, 1966.

Cooke, E.A., Fresh Evidence From Early Goldmining Publications, 1851-1860, Sydney, 1966.

Cowham, Bill (Comp.) Lego Lingo: The Cadets' Language, ADFA, n.d.

Davies, T., Australian Nicknames, Adelaide, 1977.

Davies, T., More Australian Nicknames, Adelaide, 1978.

Eagleson, R., Australianisms in the Early Migrant Handbooks, 1788-1826, Sydney, 1964.

Eagleson, R., Australianisms in the Early Migrant Handbooks, 1827-1830, Sydney, 1965.

Eagleson, R., The Terminology of Australian National Football, Sydney, 1968-1969.

Factor, J., Kidspeak, Melbourne University Press, 2001.

Gunn, J.S., Distribution of Shearing Terms in New South Wales, Sydney, 1971.

Gunn, J.S., An Opal Terminology, Sydney, 1971.

Gunn, J.S., The Terminology of the Shearing Industry, Sydney, 1965.

Hornadge, Bill, The Australian Slanguage, Sydney, 1980.

Johansen, L., The Dinkum Dictionary; A Ripper Guide to Aussie English, Ringwood, 1988 [and in various editions since].

Keesing, N., Lily on the Dustbin: Slang of Australian Women and Their Families, Ringwood, Victoria, Penguin, 1982.

Langker, R., Flash in New South Wales, 1788-1850, Sydney, 1980.

Meredith, J., Learn to Talk the Old Jack Lang, Kenthurst, 1984

Ramsay, Jim, Cop it Sweet! A Dictionary of Australian Slang and Common Usage, Sydney, 1977.

Seal, G., The Lingo: Listening to Australian English, Sydney, 1998.

Wilkes, G., A Dictionary of Australian Colloquialisms, Sydney, 1978, and in various updated editions since.

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Cover of Kidspeak by June Factor.
Cover of Kidspeak by June Factor,
Melbourne University Press, 2000.

Folk Narrative

Beatty, W.A., A Treasury of Australian Folk Tales and Traditions, Sydney, 1968 (Walkabout pocketbooks) 1st edn., London, 1960.

Bishop, A., The Gucci Kangaroo and Other Australian Urban Legends, Hornsby, 1988.

Byron, K., Lost Treasures in Australia and New Zealand, Sydney, 1964.

Edwards, R., Fred's Crab and Other Bush Yarns, Kuranda, 1989

Edwards, R., The Australian Yarn, Adelaide, 1977; 2nd edn. [numerous deletions] Brisbane, 1996.

Edwards, R, The Wealthy Roo and Other Bush Yarns, Kuranda, 1988. (originally published as Yarns and Ballads of the Australian Bush, Adelaide, 1981).

Jacobs, Joseph (ed.), More Fairy Tales, London, 1896.

Ryan, J. (ed.), Australian Fantasy and Folklore, Armidale, NSW, UNE, 1981.

Saxby, M. (ed.), Through Folklore to Literature: (papers presented at the Australian National Section of IBBY Conference on Children's Literature 1978), Sydney, 1980.

Scott, Bill, The Long and the Short and the Tall, Sydney, 1985.

Scott, Bill, Pelicans and Chihuahuas and Other Urban Legends: Bill Scott Talking About Folklore, Brisbane, 1996.

Seal, G., Great Australian Urban Myths: Granny on the Roofrack and Other Tales of Modern Horror, Sydney, 1995.

Seal, G., The Cane Toad High (rev edn. of Great Australian Urban Myths), Sydney, 2001.

Wannan, W. (ed.), The Bill Wannan Book of Australian Yarns, Melbourne, 1974.

Wannan, W. (ed.), Crooked Mick of the Speewah, Melbourne, 1966.

Watkins, K., Send 'er Down, Hughie, Melbourne, 1987.

Watkins, K., Readin', 'Ritin' and 'Rithmetic: A Collection of Stories and Children's Playground Folklore from 1898-1986, Adelaide, 1987.

Williams, S, Fisher's Ghost and Other Australian Tales of Ghosts and Murder, Woden, 1990.

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Cover of Readin' Ritin' Rithmetic by Kel Watkins
Cover of Readin' Ritin' 'Rithmetic
by Kel Watkins,
The Warrendi Project, 1987.

Folk Song, Poetry and Music

Anderson, H.M. (ed.), Botany Bay Broadsides, Ferntree Gully, Vic., 1956.

Anderson, H.M. (ed.), The Colonial Minstrel, Melbourne, 1960 (1955).

Anderson, H.M. (ed.), The Dying Stockman, Ferntree Gully, Vic., 1954.

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Anderson, H.M. (ed.), The Story of Australian Folksong, New York, 1955 (3rd enlarged, revised edn. Melbourne, 1960) (basically a revised version of Colonial Ballads).

'An Old Explorer', The Queenslander's New Colonial Camp Fire Song Book, Sydney, 1865.

Anon., Snatches and Lays, 1st edn. Melbourne, 1962, 2nd edn. (paperback), Melbourne, 1973 (3 deletions).

Arthur, S. (ed.), To Wear a Convict's Chains, Brisbane, 1961.

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Edwards, R. (ed.), Folksong and Ballads, Holloways Beach, Qld, 1966.

Edwards, R. (ed.), Humping Old Bluey, Holloways Beach, Qld, 1966.

Edwards, R., The Big Book of Australian Folksong, Adelaide, 1976

Edwards, R., The Lass Who Rode the Rover, Kuranda, 1986

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Edwards, R. (ed.), To the North, Holloways Beach, Qld, 1966.

Fahey, W., Joe Watson: Australian Traditional Folksinger, Sydney, 1975.

Fahey, W., The Balls of Bob Menzies: Australian Political Songs 1900-1980, Sydney 1989.

Fahey, W., The Songs That Made Australia, Sydney, 1984.

Federation of Bush Music Groups, The Queensland Centenary Pocket Songbook, Brisbane, 1959.

Haswell, G., Ten Shanties Sung on the Australian Run, 1879, Mt Hawthorn, 1992.

Ingleton, G., True Patriots All, Sydney, 1952.

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Pearce, H.H., On the Origins of Waltzing Matilda, Melbourne, 1971.

Pearce, H.H., The Waltzing Matilda Debate, Holloways Beach, Qld, 1974.

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Rooney, R., Skipping Rhymes, Melbourne, 1956.

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Scott, W. (ed.), The Second Penguin Australian Songbook, Ringwood, Vic., 1980.

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Seal, G., Digger Folksong and Verse of World War One: An Annotated Anthology, Mt Hawthorn, 1991.

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Stewart, D. and Keesing, N. (eds), Old Bush Songs and Rhymes of Colonial Times, Melbourne, 1957.

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Tate, B., Down and Outback, Woden, 1988.

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Turner, I., Factor, J. and Lowenstein, W. (eds), Cinderella Dressed in Yella, (revised edn. Melbourne, 1978).

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Cover of the Convict Maid by Ron Edwards,1987
Cover of The Convict Maid
by Ron Edwards,
The Rams Skull Press, 1987.







Cover of the Balls of Bob Menzies by Warren Fahey, 1989
Cover of The Balls of Bob Menzies
by Warren Fahey,
Angus & Robertson, 1989.







Cover of Folk Songs of Australia Vol. 1 by Meredith & Anderson, 1967.
Cover of Folk Songs of Australia Vol. 1
by J. Meredith & H. Anderson,
New South Wales University Press,






Cover of Folk Songs of Australia Vol. 2 by Meredith, Covell & Brown
Cover of Folk Songs of Australia Vol. 2
by J. Meredith, R. Covell & P. Brown,
New South Wales University Press,







Cover of Songs of Australian Working Life compiled by Therese Radic, 1989.
Cover of Songs of Australian Working
compiled by Therese Radic, Greenhouse Publications, 1989.

Folk Custom and Belief

Gilbert, L., A Grave Look at History: Glimpses of a Vanishing Form of Folk Art, Sydney, 1980.

Keesing, N., Just Look Out the Window, Ringwood, 1985.

Smith, M., Bunyips and Bigfoots: in Search of Australia's Mystery Animals, Alexandria, 1996. [Contains a good account of cryptozoology and extensive sources and references.]

Wannan, W. (ed.), Bill Wannan's Folk Medicine, Melbourne, 1970; Melbourne, 1977 (paperback).

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Image of a grave site at Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth, from A Grave Look at History, p. 53.
Image of a grave site at
Karrakatta Cemetery, W.A., from
A Grave Look at History
Lionel Gilbert, John Ferguson Pty Ltd,
1980, p. 53.

Folk Art, Craft and Architecture

Bell, D. & Hawkes, P. Generations, Melbourne , 1988.

Edwards, R., Australian Traditional Bush Crafts, Melbourne, 1975.

Edwards, R., Camping Prohibited and Other Folklore, Kuranda, 1989.

Edwards, R., Cant Hook and Broad Axe, Kuranda, 1989.

Edwards, R., Skills of the Australian Bushman, Adelaide, 1979.

Hults, D., 'Australian Craft: Within A Folkloric Context' in Ioannou, N., (ed.), Craft in Society, Fremantle, 1992.

Ioannou, N., Ceramics in South Australia 1836-1986: From Folk to Studio Pottery, Adelaide, 1987.

Ioannou, N., The Barossa Folk: Germanic Furniture and Craft Traditions, Roseville East, 1995.

Isaacs, J., The Gentle Arts, Melbourne, 1987.

Office of Multicultural Affairs Australia's Hidden Heritage , Canberra, 1989.

Rolfe, M., Patchwork Quilts in Australia, Melbourne, 1988.

Walker, M., Making Do: Memories of Australia's Back Country People , Ringwood, 1982.

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Cover of The Barossa Folk by Noris Ioannou
Cover of The Barossa Folk
by Noris Ioannou,
Craftsman House, 1995.


Edwards, R. Traditional Torres Strait Cooking, Kuranda, 1988.

Fahey, W., When Mabel Laid the Table, Sydney, 1992.

Hiddens, L., Explore Wild Australia with the Bush Tucker Man, Viking, Ringwood, 1999

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Symons, M., One Continuous Picnic: A History of Eating in Australia, Ringwood, 1984 (1st pub. 1982)

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Cover of Bush food by Jennifer Isaacs
Cover of Bush Food by Jennifer
Isaacs, reprinted ed.,
New Holland, 2002.

Studies of Folklore

Anderson, H.M., Time Out of Mind: Simon McDonald of Creswick, Melbourne, 1974.

Anderson, G., George Loyeau: The Man Who Wrote Bush Ballads, Ascot Vale, 1991.

Anderson, H and D, On the Track With Bill Bowyang (Part 1), Ascot Vale, 1991/2.

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Seal, G., Ned Kelly in Popular Tradition, Melbourne, 1980.

Ward, R., The Australian Legend, London, 1958.

Ward, R., Felons and Folksongs, Canberra, 1955. (Also in Meanjin, XV, 1956).

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Cover of the Outlaw Legend by Graham Seal.
Cover of The Outlaw Legend
by Graham Seal,
Cambridge University Press, 1996.


Adam-Smith, Patsy, Folklore of the Australian Railwaymen, Melbourne, 1969.

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Watson, E., Country Music in Australia, Sydney, 1975 rev. edn. 1975, 1976.

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Cover of Folklife: Our living heritage, a government report into Folklife in Australia, 1987.
Cover of Folklife: Our living heritage,
a report of the Committee of
Inquiry into Folklife
in Australia, AGPS, 1987.







Cover of The Bare Fax by Graham Seal, 1996.
Cover of The Bare Fax
by Graham Seal,
Angus & Robertson, 1996.


Australian Children's Folklore Newsletter, Vol. 1 No. 1 1981. [Since 1997 Play and Folklore]

Australian Folklore, 1, 1987- in progress.

Australian Folklore Society Journal, Sept. 1984 - in progress.

Australian Tradition, (1960-63 Gumsucker's Gazette) 1964-75 [continues as internal Journal of the Victorian Folk Music Club].

Concertina Magazine, 1 (Winter 1982) - ? ceased publication.

Mulga Wire (see Singabout).

National Folk, Cairns Folk Club continuation of Northern Folk from No. 25, July, 1968 [June misprinted on cover] - No. 45, 1970 when ceased publication.

Northern Folk, Cairns Folk Club No. 1, April, 1966 - No. 24 June, 1968 when re-named National Folk (see under National Folk).

The Oral History Association of Australia Journal, No. 1, 1987 - in progress. Oral History Association of Australia.

Singabout, Bush Music Club, Sydney Summer 1956 - Vol. 6, No. 2, 1967, thence Mulga Wire - in progress.

Stringybark & Greenhide, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1979 - Vol. 6, No. 2, 1986.

A number of journals also carry articles on, or related to, Australian folklore from time to time, most notably Meanjin, Overland, Journal of Australian Studies and Quadrant.

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Cover of Play and Folklore journal, no. 53, April 2010
Cover of the journal
Play and Folklore,
no. 53, April 2010.

Bibliographies, Research Guides, Dictionaries, etc.

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Cover of the Oxford Companion to Australian Folklore, Oxford University Press, 1993
Cover of The Oxford Companion
to Australian Folklore
edited by Gwenda Beed Davey
and Graham Seal,
Oxford University Press, 1993.




Cover of the Complete Book of Australian Folk Lore compiled by Bill Scott, 1978.
Cover of the Complete Book of
Australian Folk Lore,
compiled by Bill Scott,
PR Books, 1988.

Community Folk Heritage Bibliography

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Cover of the Heritage Crusade by David Lowenthal, 1998.
Cover of The Heritage Crusade and
the Spoils of History
David Lowenthal,
Cambridge University Press, 1998.


Cover of The Rites of Passage by Arnold van Gennep, Routledge, 2004
Cover of a reprinted edition of
The Rites of Passage
Arnold van Gennep,
Routledge, 2004.

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