The Western Australian Folklife Project

Website Text

The text for these pages was composed and edited by Lesley Wallace, Manager of the JCPML & Library Archives, and Amanda Bellenger, Librarian, from Curtin University Library.

Web Design

Sue Grey-Smith designed the graphics used in the WA Folklore web pages.

Sue worked as a librarian at Curtin University Library from 1997 to 2007 and is now a freelance designer with a special interest in website design. Contact Sue at:


The majority of images are from the Western Australian Folklore Archive. Where images have been obtained from other sources, the origin of the image is noted in the image caption. Curtin University Library would like to thank the State Library of Western Australia, Professor Graham Seal, Kel Watkins and Rob and Olya WIllis for providing additional photographs for the web pages.


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