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Behind the scenes


Designing the travelling exhibition

The travelling exhibition is comprised of 5 'pull-up' banners with stands. Each banner is 850mm x 2150mm and is transported in a carry case. The carry cases are relatively light-weight and easy to assemble, take down and pack for the next leg of the journey.

Menzies, Fadden, Curtin and the Japanese Envoy
Title banner image from the travelling exhibition and web resource

This exhibition is designed to be installed in a linear arrangement along a wall. The first panel prominently features the title banner image. Each subsequent panel is numbered 2 through 5 in the left hand corner of the graphic.

Host institutions have the option to display three 30cm high bronze figurines of John Curtin. The John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library commissioned artist Peter Latona to manufacture the bronze figureines in 2004. The bronzes are mounted on a sturdy wooden circular base which is then attached by means of wingnuts to a wooden plinth and raises the figurines to eye height. A perspex booklet holder is mounted on a side face of the plinth to hold promotional bookmarks for visitors to take.

Excerpt from first panel of the travelling exhibition
Excerpt from first panel of the travelling exhibition.

Assembling and packing the exhibition

The whole exhibition is packed into 5 carry cases for transport between venues. Each case holds a cartridge stand with rolled-up graphic banner. A metal rod is folded up in the bottom of the stand and is used to hold up the unfurled graphic banner when put on display.

The bronze figurines come in two metal crates - the first crate contains the wooden plinth and the second crate holds the bronze figurines on their wooden base.

Carry cases to transport the 5 banners with stands
The light-weight carry cases used to transport the 5 'pull-up' banners.


     The wooden plinth packs into one crate. Two people are needed to safely move the figurines on their base in and out of the aluminium crate.

Bronze statues of John Curtin
Left and right images show the assembly of the wooden plinth and three bronze figurines of John Curtin.

Education activities


Education activities available soon.

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