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Quiz night trivia

Write five questions about John Curtin and sport which you think would 'stump' people at a quiz night. Make sure you know the answers to the questions!

If you are doing this activity at school, try out your questions on other class members.

Here's a sample set of five questions to get you started.

1. When John Curtin was playing grade football with the Brunswick Club, what position did he play?

2. For which cricket club did John Curtin play when he came to Western Australia?

3. Which Prime Minister of Australia, who was quite a good cricketer himself, was also regarded as a ‘Wisden addict’?

4. Which Australian Prime Minister was considered to have a ‘formidable knowledge of horse racing’ but also criticised racing for wasting money and resources?

5. Which Prime Minister of Australia was at one time a sports writer for a newspaper?

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