John Curtin: A Prime Minister and his People

Media Censorship in Wartime - Document 1


Study the following document and then try the quiz below
(Document 1- 'A Prime Minister and his People' - Pol/F.002 EG Bonney, December 1941)

Memo to PM Curtin from Chief Publicity Censor, December 1941


Quiz - Document 1

1) This document can best be described as

One answer only.
   a letter from a high level government employee
   a newspaper article from the Daily Telegraph
   a report to the Prime Minister
   a memorandum from a high level government employee

2) The author of this document is

One answer only.
   the Prime Minister
   the Chief Publicity Censor
   the War Cabinet
   the Daily Telegraph newspaper

3) This document was intended to be read by

One answer only.
   the Prime Minister
   the general public
   the Cabinet and the Parliament of Australia
   the Department of Information

4) This document suggests that the Daily Telegraph newspaper

One answer only.
   may cause public alarm by printing articles that may not always be sound and may be based on speculation and unauthorized reports
   is correct in what it says about the Army re-organisation and that the government should take its advice
   is promoting the ideas of the government’s predecessors on censorship of the press
   all of the above

5) With regard to censorship of the press, the author of this document suggests that the government should

One answer only.
   toss out the former government’s controls and allow newspapers to report more fully on the war effort
   follow in the footsteps of their predecessors and limit publicity about the War Cabinet and the Advisory War Council
   give thought to sacking the editor of the Daily Telegraph newspaper
   instruct the Chief Publicity Censor to censor Daily Telegraph articles that threaten national security in any way

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