John Curtin: A Prime Minister and his People

Media Censorship in Wartime - Document 2


Study the following document and then try the quiz below
(Document 2- 'A Prime Minister and his People' - N/C Geoff Burgoyne, March 1942)

Letter from G Burgoyne, 27 March 1942, page 1

Letter from G Burgoyne, 27 March 1942, page 2

Letter from G Burgoyne, 27 March 1942, page 3



Quiz - Document 2

1) The author of this document is

One answer only.
   the Prime Minister
   a concerned private citizen
   the editor of the Daily News
   a member of the AIF

2) The author was prompted to write this letter as the result of issues that he had with

One answer only.
   poor behaviour of AIF troops in Perth
   censorship of the press
   the clogging of Fremantle Harbour with escorts and transports
   the governmentís unlimited taxing powers

3) The author of the letter describes the governmentís policy on censorship as

One answer only.
   very effective
   like a fifth column activity

4) The author says that the Censorship Board has prevented the Daily News from reporting on a number of issues including

One answer only.
   the return of the RAAF and the 4% dividend limitation
   the return of the CMF and stupidities in military intelligence
   the return of the AIF and the 4% dividend limitation
   the return of the RAF and administrative inefficiencies in the transfer of service personnel from the Militia to the Air Force

5) The authorís view of censorship of the press is that

One answer only.
   censorship prevents the press from bringing important matters to public attention
   censorship creates unnecessary red tape in the recruitment of soldiers
   censorship causes poverty amongst some members of the public
   censorship limits the governmentís taxing powers

6) Examples of emotive language used in this document include

One answer only.
   looking for a square meal, call the tune, doubtless you have heard
   censorship declares emphatically, permission could not be accepted, personally quite disinterested
   forgive me bothering you, no sense in this policy, unnecessary work
   displays were really shocking, last word in stupidity, I am boiling over

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