Investigating John Curtin: the research papers of Tom Fitzgerald
The life and work of Tom Fitzgerald  

What happens when an economic journalist with a brilliant analytical mind develops an 'insatiable appetite' for investigating the life and writings of Australia's wartime Prime Minister, John Curtin?

Tom Fitzgerald, respected economist and journalist, planned to write a biography of John Curtin but became so enmeshed in his investigations that the work was still in progress when he died in 1993.

The research papers, now held by the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library, provide new and intriguing insights into Curtin the 'inner man' as well as Curtin the prime minister. You are invited to explore the research papers and the Life and work of Tom Fitzgerald.

'A significant collection'
Curtin's writing under pen names
Curtin's writings as a socialist
Curtin as a journalist
Curtin and economics
Curtin as seen by his contemporaries
Events & identities in Curtin's life
Correspondence with Curtin's daughter
Explore the life and work of Tom Fitzgerald

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