Visiting John Curtin at home: 24 Jarrad St, Cottesloe
Houses and their furnishings can suggest a great deal about the people who inhabit them. John Curtin's house, which was constructed in 1923 reflected not only his own financial circumstances and his and his wife's domestic taste, but also shows us something about the relatively tranquil pace of life in his adopted city, Perth, and the ideas people had about domestic and personal space.

The following interpretation of Curtin's house owes much to recorded family memory and to earlier heritage assessments, but there is also an element of imagination.

Houses change with use, rooms acquire different functions from those first planned and not all changes are documented or accurately recalled, so even such a modest home as 24 Jarrad Street, Cottesloe challenges the historian to produce a reasonable story of its use.

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John Curtin's house, JCPML00632/1
Dot graphic Moving west: Melbourne to beachside Cottesloe
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