John Curtin : a good sport

Author: Debbie Hindley

Debbie Hindley has a Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours from the School of Social Sciences, Curtin University of Technology. Her Honours Thesis was entitled The Heroes of Haydn Bunton Drive: The Making of AFL Heroes in Western Australia.

Debbie is enrolled in the PhD program at Murdoch University in the School of Media Communication and Culture. Dr Tara Brabazon is her supervisor. Her thesis will examine women's involvement with Australian football.

In September 2001 Debbie was meant to give a paper 'Old Diggers, Young Dockers and the Anzac Spirit: the Len Hall Game' at the War and Peace Conference at Gallipoli but the conference was cancelled following the tragic events of September 11. Instead she presented her paper at Gallipoli to the Study Tour from the School of Architecture, Construction and Planning that she accompanied. The paper was published in Voyage, the book produced from the tour and is also held in the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library. Debbie has also presented two papers at the annual Humanities Post-Graduate Conference: 'AFL Players as Heroes - The Classic, the Unlikely, the Anti and the Local' (2001) and 'Footy Tipping the Game You Play When You Don't Play AFL' (1999).


Debbie Hindley

Debbie works in the Division of Humanities at Curtin University of Technology. Her ambition is to raise a happy family, combining her scholarly ambition with her current employment and wonders if she wants too much.
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