A time-line to build a railway

Read about The Railway between Kalgoorlie and Port Augusta.

The following is a list of important dates in the building and use of the Trans Continental Railway. Match up the dates with the event.

1896 1901 1908 1911 1912
1914-1918 1917 1942-1944 1960s

(Note that 1901 occurs twice in the answers)

1. A full survey took place across the desert from Western Australia to the border and from South Australia to the border
2. The railway line between Kalgoorlie and Perth was completed.
3. The Trans Continental Railway was mainly used for military purposes.
4. Western Australia joined the Federation with the promise of a railway linking WA to the East.
5. A bill was passed in Federal Parliament to allow construction of the railway.
6. A preliminary survey for a trans Australia railway was completed.
7. Construction of the line was completed near Ooldea.
8. A standard gauge railway was also built between Kalgoorlie and Perth
9. Construction of the railway line between Port Austusta and Kalgoorlie commenced
10. Problems with supplies and labour slowed construction of the line.

How many dates did you get correct? Check your answers to find out.

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