Philippa Rogers

Philippa Rogers is a historian and heritage officer with a fascination for Western Australian history and a particular interest in railway history. In this context she has worked with various community groups to assist them in preserving their heritage.

After majoring in Mathematics at UWA, Philippa taught in both Western Australia and South Australia. Her educational background is an asset in her work as a heritage officer, and her mathematical background is useful in providing a quantative and analytical approach to researching and recording history.


Philippa Rogers
Philippa Rogers, 2001

In 1999 she published 'Troops , Trains and Trades' - a history of the railways in Western Australia during World War II. More recent projects have included a history of the 'Prince of Wales' railway carriage, an exhibition on the Trans Australian Railway and the preparation of short histories of places varying from a railway signal box to the former township of Rawlinna.

Voluntary activities with various community groups as well as being a taxi service for her two teenage sons ensure an active life - but travel is always a pleasant distraction.

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