Books and theses

David Black (editor and narrator), In His Own Words, Paradigm Books, Bentley, 1995.

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Irene Dowsing, Curtin of Australia, Blackburn, (no date).

Michelle Grattan, 'The Prime Minister and the Press: A Study in Intimacy', John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library Occasional Paper, 1998

Geoffrey Hewitt, A History of the Victorian Socialist Party, 1906-1932, MA thesis, La Trobe University, 1974.

Clem Lloyd, Profession: Journalist, A History of the Australian Journalists' Association, Hall and Iremongner, Sydney, 1985.

Clem Lloyd and Richard Hall (eds), Backroom Briefings John Curtin's War, National Library of Australia, 1997

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Dianne Sholl, John Curtin at the Westralian Worker 1917-1928: An Examination of the Development of Curtin's Political Philosophy as Reflected in his Editorials, BA Hons thesis, University of Western Australia, 1975.

Oral History Interviews

Frank Davidson
JCPML. Mr Frank Davidson. Interview of Frank Davidson, 1996. JCPML00127

Len Lewington
JCPML. Mr Len Lewington. Interview of Len Lewington, 16 June 2000. JCPML00524

Griff Richards
JCPML. Mr Griff Richards. Interview of Griff Richards, 16 December 1999. JCPML00492

Alan Reid
JCPML. Mr Alan D Reid. Interview of Alan Reid, 1972-1973. JCPML00501
(Original held by National Library of Australia, ORAL TRC 121/40)

Don Rodgers
JCPML. Mr Donald K Rodgers. Interview of Donald K Rodgers, 1971. JCPML00497
(Original held by National Library of Australia, ORAL TRC 121/14)

Frances Shea
JCPML. Mrs Francisco Ferrer (Frances) Shea. Interview of Frances Shea, 1995. JCPML00013

Newspapers and Journals

Australasian Journalist


Timber Worker

Westralian Worker

West Australian

Daily News (Perth)

Sunday Times (Perth)

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