Denis Fitzgerald

Denis is the son of Tom Fitzgerald and after his father's death in 1993, the research papers were stored in boxes in the garage of his Sydney home. The Fitzgerald family appreciated the value of the papers and the meticulous research they documented for the proposed biography of John Curtin and were keen for the papers to be lodged where they would be professionally cared for and made accessible to researchers. Denis was instrumental in facilitating the lodgement of the papers at the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library in 2002.

Denis Fitzgerald was the 2002 JCPML Visiting Scholar and in this role he played a vital part in the production of this web publication. Denis authored the biographical sections and provided valuable insights into the significance of the papers, assisting in identifying key themes and files for inclusion in the publication. Not the least of his talents is the ability to decipher his father's handwriting, which had a tendency to become less and less legible the faster his thoughts ran!