Message in a Bottle

To whoever recovers this letter in the Prime Minister's bottle:

At the suggestion of the Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon. Robert Hawke, MP, this message was placed in this bottle given to me by one of Mr Hawke's colleagues on behalf of Mr Hawke and thrown into the Indian Ocean on June 7, 1986 at 19 deg. 59.6 south latitude and 89 deg. 46 min. east longitude, 1380 nautical miles west of Western Australia, from the yacht Parry Endeavour, being sailed by the signer single-handed (solo) by Jonathan Sanders three times round the world non-stop without taking provisions on board. The voyage began in a gale on Sunday, May 25 1986, from Fremantle Harbour, Western Australia, and is scheduled to finish in Sydney Harbour, Australia, April, 1988 (approx. one year and 11 months). 1988 is the year that Australia will celebrate 200 years of European settlement, known as Bicentennial celebrations). This voyage is sponsored (paid for) by Kevin Parry, through his company Parry Corporation. The voyage comes under the umbrella and management of the Centre for Marine Science and Technology at the West Australian Institute of Technology (which is being renamed the Curtin University of Technology). Dr John Penrose is the director of the centre and Dr Don Watts is the overall director of WAIT.

Signed - Jon Sanders. 109

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