Author: Heather Campbell

Heather Campbell

BA, Dip Teach (Primary) with Distinction

Heather Campbell is an historian engaged in historical research and oral history interviewing. Her work with the JCPML includes assisting in the development of the exhibitions The Art of the Possible: creating an independent Australian foreign policy and John Curtin's Legacy: Leading Australia from war to peace and writing the online resources Diary of a Labor Man: 1917-1945 and 'Doing the best for the country': Behind the scenes of Australia's wartime decision-making 1939-45.

She has produced several publications, including Messina News, the story of a boating voyage from Fremantle to Townsville in Queensland, and Katitjin, an online guide to the indigenous resources of the Battye Library of West Australian History.

Heather worked for many years in the Oral History Unit of the Battye Library in the State Library of Western Australia, including a period as the Acting Coordinator of the unit.

She has maintained her interest in oral history and has conducted interviews for JCPML on the Curtin family home in Jarrad Street, Cottesloe. Further oral history interviewing includes work for the Fremantle City Library, Town of Cottesloe, Town of Mosman Park and Peppermint Grove Library. In 2008, Heather began managing an oral history project for the WA branch of the Australian Property Institute.

In personal life Heather presents talks to groups such as Probus and Rotary on her sailing trip around the north, and also talks to book clubs. She spends time as a race control officer for offshore yacht races, and still enjoys cruising.

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