Michal Bosworth

BA, Dip Ed, MPHA (WA)

Michal Bosworth is a professional historian who works in the community, often as a heritage consultant.

She arrived in Western Australia in 1987, after spending most of her life in the eastern states.

Michal has produced several books including Emma a translated life, which she co-wrote with an Italian woman who lives in the Fremantle area. This work won WA's non-fiction prize in 1991. Her other publications include history books for school children of various ages.

Michal was historian of the Fremantle Prison Conservation and Future Use project and collector of most of the material found on Fremantle Prison's data base, now available via the web.

Most recently she completed the history of Hollywood Senior High School, also published on the web.

In personal life Michal loves cooking and has co-written a recipe book, loves her cats but is scared to write about them, they might object, and enjoys looking at a beautiful garden. In the near future she is hoping to write about the pleasures and pains of travel.