Curtin facts

8 January 1885

born in Creswick, Victoria.

February 1917 moved to Western Australia.
November 1928 entered politics as a Member of the House of Representatives for Fremantle.
September 1934 became Leader of the Australlian Labor Party (ALP).
7 October 1941 became prime minister. Lead a minority government (held by two independent votes) until the election of 1943.
21 August 1943 election - the voters' overwhelming confidence in Curtin gave the ALP a landslide victory, with ALP gaining 49 of 74 seats in the Lower House and winning all 19 contested Senate seats. In WA, Curtin's home state, Labor won all five seats and increased its Senate vote by 17.5%. Curtin is the only prime minister to represent a Western Australian seat in the federal parliament.
5 July 1945 died in office. He was buried at Karrakatta Cemetry in Perth.
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