John Curtin : a good sport

Len Lewington remembers John Curtin watching the Cottesloe locals play cricket:

'I don't remember him going to the football here but he would for sure because during the cricket season there was a Mercantile team from up where we lived up that way. Clarrie Properjohn and all those people was in it.They used to play in the Fremantle Mercantile. When they was playing up Cottesloe way Johnny Curtin was always down there to watch the boys play cricket . If one of them happened to drop the ball he'd be singing out, "Get it Ted, get a bag." You know he was a bit of a wag. He liked to have a little bit of fun with the ordinary people, sporting people. He was a good sportsman himself.'

Excerpt from:
JCPML. Records of the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library. Interview of Len Lewington, 16 June 2000. JCPML00524

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