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John Curtin used sporting quotes in many aspect of his writing and in his speeches.

Look at the quotes in the left column of the table below. All the quotes can be found in the online publication John Curtin: a good sport. Work out what each quote is about and match it with one of the contexts in the right hand column. Write the letter of the chosen context in the box provided in the middle column and check your answers when you have finished.


  • All the quotes in the online publication are in coloured font.
  • Each time you come to a quote make sure you read the whole thing.
  • Follow the link below each quote in the left column of the table below to see the page that contains the quote in the online publication.




The ball was coming towards me and looked an easy mark…
See Bouncedown at Brunswick Football Club

A. Curtin criticising heavy betting at the races during WW2

One point all of us must take into account is the judgement of youth…
See Sporting summary: Curtin's words

B. Curtin writing to his wife Elsie on her 50th birthday

Most of the punters at Randwick and Flemington on Saturday…
See High stakes: Sport and wartime austerity

C. Curtin writing to his secretary Adele Mildenhall on her resignation

Your magnificently played half century has given example to…
See Sporting summary: Curtin's words

D. Curtin’s philosophy on how to deal with the war

We cannot measure the cost of this terrible war…
See High stakes: Sport and wartime austerity

E. Curtin speaking to a young staffer at the Ministry of Navy & Munitions about the value of sport

As a member of our team you played the game…
See Sporting summary: Curtin's words

F. Independence Day broadcast to the US July 1943

The game is not lost or won until …
See Captain of the country: Leading the team

G. Curtin writing to his cousin Mollie about the burden of being PM during a war

If I liken the Pacific war to a football match…
See Sporting summary: Curtin's words

H. Curtin speaking in parliament about Billy Hughes obstructing his work

Captaining the government of a nation is a bit more exacting …
See Sporting summary: Curtin's words

I. Curtin writing to a friend about his son John assisting him with his sports writing for the Westralian Worker

Jim, it will keep you out of trouble.
See A great barracker: Curtin and footy

J. Curtin speaking about the death in action of Governor General Lord Gowrie’s son.

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