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Learn about the theory and practice of archives and records management via a self-study CD-ROM

Documenting Society. V1.1. Pederson, Ann, Mark Brogan and Alin Huma. Perth, WA: Edith Cowan University, 2000. ISBN 0-7298-0383-x.

Documenting Society is the only distance learning experience that gives an overview of the considerations involved in ensuring essential evidence within most government and organisational contexts. The role of recordkeeping as society's key form of evidence, the technological and legal requirements for authoritative, accurate and reliable records and the considerations involved in establishing and managing an integrated, continuum-based recordkeeping program over time are all explained in a straightforward, practical manner. In addition to the basic recordkeeping functions of control, accessiblity, disposal and storage, the course content addresses important specialist areas such as electronic records and systems, client relationships and marketing.

The CD-ROM has been devised by a team of experienced Australian archivists and multimedia designers especially for English-speaking people who have responsibility for recordkeeping, but no formal training in the field. This self study unit will be of great assistance to all those concerned about evidence and accountability in their organisations, as well as those working with records in offices, public archives, museums, libraries and historical societies throughout the English-speaking world.

The CD-ROM is available for purchase from:

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