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Message for Brotherhood Week from John Curtin

"The Brotherhood in arms achieved by the United Nations must not be replaced in the peace by antagonisms. The fact that the great leaders of peoples from differing political and ideological outlook have been able to concert in war points the way to all nations. Concert in war must become concert to salvage the wreckage of war and the building of a

better and fairer world in the peace. Men of goodwill everywhere have been strengthened by the collaboration of free peoples in the cause of freedom. The strengthening of that collaboration for the peace will come if there is understanding and tolerance. Let us strive for that."

John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library, Records of Brotherhood Week Committee, Brotherhood Week 6 - 13 May 1945 pamphlet, JCPML 00437/2
(original held by State Library of New South Wales).

John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library, Records of West Australian News Ltd. Reverend Hector Harrison conducting funeral, 1945, JCPML 00347/54
(Original held by West Australian News Ltd).

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