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John Curtin - the man

John Curtin. JCPML00036/13

John Curtin: Vision, leadership and community service

A brief overview of how John Curtin, war-time prime minister and international statesman, exhibited the qualities of vision, leadership and community service during his life.


John Curtin: Fairest and best

John Curtin: Fairest and best
This online exhibition reflects a current display in the JCPML and tells the story of Curtin's life from his early days to his time as prime minister.


Link to Diary of a Labour Man

Diary of a Labour Man: 1917-1945 provides a day by day chronicle of John Curtin's life from 1917 to 1945. Compiled from information in the Westralian Worker and other sources such as family papers, photographs, government publications and biographies, the diary paints a picture of the life of this remarkable man.


Detail from "1946 Repeats Itself - Chifley Spells Security."

John Curtin: A fair go for all
Throughout his life, John Curtin never lost sight of his dream for a fair and just society in which all people had access to a job, to education, to a home and the basic necessities of life. Find out more about John Curtin's record on human rights.


John Curtin: A good sport

John Curtin: A good sport
Australians are known for their obsession with sport and John Curtin shared this national passion, both as a participant and as a spectator. Images, letters, newspaper cuttings, video and audio clips combine to tell the story of the prime minister well regarded as 'fairest and best'.
Includes Educational Interactives


PM Curtin with the press 'Circus'. JCPML00376/2

John Curtin: From revolutionary firebrand to journalist in spirit 
This online exhibition explores John Curtin's development as a journalist and his special relationship with the media as prime minister. Photographs, audio clips and selections from Curtin's own writings bring the story to life. There's also an online quiz and Mix & Match activity for those who want to test their knowledge.
Includes Educational Interactives

'They've cut me down to twelve, Glad': John Curtin and smoking in World War Two

'They've cut me down to twelve, Glad': John Curtin and smoking in World War Two
This online resource is based on a small exhibition which was displayed in the JCPML from March to May 2010. John Curtin's silver cigarette box features in the resource which explores John Curtin's smoking habit and smoking more generally in the years of World War Two.

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