The Mirror
28 September 1940


"I regard myself as one of the resources of Australia and, win or lose, I shall do my duty by my party and my country."

John Curtin, Leader of the Federal Opposition, thus keynoted his remarks on his return to Perth by the Westland this morning. Cheers greeted him as he stepped from the train to be welcomed by one of the largest gatherings of Labor personalities ever seen on Perth station.

Mr. Curtin did not learn till several hours later that he had won Fremantle.



The Daily News
28 September 1940


Mr Curtin Cheered

A remarkable demonstration marked Mr. Curtin's arrival at the Perth railway station today on his return from Melbourne.

As soon as he was seen standing at the door of the Westland coach as the train pulled into the platform loud cheering rose from a crowd of more than 300 people.

As he stepped from the train he was firmly clasped by the hand by a number of people, including Deputy Premier Millington, members of the State Cabinet, prominent Labour Party officials and private citizens.

A number of men whose political views are directly opposed to those of Mr Curtin also greeted him warmly.

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