[On letterhead marked: The Parliament of the Commonwealth, House of
Representatives, Canberra ACT]

March 3 '41

My Dearest,

The weather map in the paper today shows a big depression in your nor'west.
Maybe Perth may get a big rain by the time this reaches you & give a good
break-up for the summer. It was very sultry here yesterday & on Saturday.

I enclose a cheque for £100. It will keep the home fire glowing for a

Our war news is not good. The attacks on shipping are constant and
serious. Another convoy of 14 boats has been knocked about with heavy
losses. The squeeze economic is on the old country. Bulgaria has joined
the Axis and the road from Berlin to Greece & Turkey opened up. Japan

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is ready & waiting the day of maximum opportunity. This is dependent on
how Britain stands up & on the Japanese reading of the USA policy. My own
view of America is that Gt Britain & the Atlantic Ocean mean much more to
that country than does Australia & what is called Oceana. And that means
Australia would be mad not to exert the maximum precautions in and on all
the stepping places & approaches to ourselves.

I am well. I send you my love, pride & gratitude for what you have been &
are. Keep your heart glowing my beloved.

Your loving husband