1) Who was prime minister of Australia before John Curtin and what political party did he lead?

One answer only.
   Robert Menzies leading the United Australia Party
   Arthur Fadden leading the United Australia Party
   Robert Menzies leading the Labor Party
   Arthur Fadden leading the Country Party

2) How did John Curtin come to be prime minister of Australia?

One answer only.
   Independent members of parliament held the balance of power in the House of Representatives and they voted with the Labor Party. As leader of the Labor Party, Curtin then became prime minister.
   The Labor Party won a federal election in 1941 and as leader of the Labor Party, Curtin then became prime minister.
   Robert Menzies resigned as prime minister and Arthur Fadden wouldn't take on the job.
   The Governor General of Australia, Lord Gowrie, sacked Arthur Fadden and Curtin became prime minister.

3) Who signed Australia's Declaration of War on Japan?

One answer only.
   John Curtin
   Robert Menzies
   The Governor General Lord Gowrie
   King George VI

4) What event led the United States of America to declare war on Japan in 1941?

One answer only.
   The bombing of Darwin by the Japanese
   The bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese
   The fall of the island fortress of Singapore to Japanese troops
   The bombing of Broome by the Japanese

5) Ordinary Australians were fearful of Japanese invasion during the second world war. Which of the photographs shows this fear most clearly?

One answer only.
   American troops disembarking at Port Melbourne in April 1942
   Sydney's Manly Beach protected from potential invaders by barbed wire, 1942
   American armoured cars in a Melbourne street parade
   Japanese air raid on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 7 December 1941

6) When John Curtin appealed to America to come to Australia's aid in December 1941, how did US President Roosevelt react?

One answer only.
   Roosevelt stated that the request 'tasted of panic and disloyalty'
   The President claimed that the statement would 'cause resentment throughout the Empire'
   The President replied 'America will always be there for the people of Australia'
   President Roosevelt said that 'the US would help after Hitler was defeated'

7) The United States did come to Australia's aid, sending an American general to command the South West Pacific region. Who was he?

One answer only.
   General MacArthur
   General Eisenhower
   General Blamey
   General Patten

8) American soldiers stationed in Australia during the war years were generally popular with Australian women. Which of the photographs below gives the best evidence for this?

One answer only.
   American armoured cars in a Melbourne street parade
   American troops disembarking at Port Melbourne in April 1942
   Curtin and MacArthur at a formal reception for the US General, c 1942
   US soldiers at the American Red Cross building in Mackay, Queensland

9) Who do the characters in the 'Southerly Buster' cartoon represent?

One answer only.
   President Roosevelt and John Curtin
   John Curtin and Winston Churchill
   General MacArthur and Winston Churchill
   General MacArthur and President Roosevelt

10) Curtin's insistence that Australian troops return home from the Middle East to defend Australia, in fierce opposition to the wishes of Winston Churchill, helped make Australia a more independent nation.

One answer only.

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