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Anti-Hughes Cartoon from the Westralian Worker, 4 May 1917

The sign in the cartoon reads:

Work for the Nationalist Party
Committees wanted in every street
"Gold for everything
Put money in thy purse"

Anti-Hughes cartoon run in the Westralian Worker of 4 May 1917, following John Curtin's arrival as editor. His predecessor had been a supporter of Billy Hughes.

John Curtin wrote beneath the cartoon:

We are not now the candidates of the "poverty stricken people."
Our adherence to Labor has come to an end.
With gold our path to Parliament has been paved.
The great vultures of money are now our friends.
In days that have gone we pledged ourselves to the men and women who were poor, and who sought by political and industrial organisation to make the social conditions of their country better for themselves and their children who were to follow.
But we have broken our pledge.
No longer are we the standard bearers of the oppressed and the heavy laden.
Our party is now the party of rich men.
It is the party of Trusts and Combines and of those who make profit out of the war.
Our path is paved with gold.
Gold is the great god.
We bow before it.
And in Parliament will do what it tells us.

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