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John Curtin


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This photo appeared in the Timber Worker of 10 August 1914, along with an article about Curtin reprinted from the Labor Call.

John Curtin

John Curtin, the Labor candidate for Balaclava, is one of those rare men who carry the impress of greatness. You meet him and are attracted - for his very personality has a magnetic suggestion of the potential quality of the man. You hear him, and in spite of preconceived notions or prejudices that biased report may have conjured up and fostered in your thoughts, you feel that you are in direct touch with that elevating and inspiring force a master mind.

For Jack Curtin - to use the familiar appellation of intimates - is a vigorous, vitalising influence that lifts ignorance beyond its shackles and leavens apathy with a stimulus of healthful life. And while imparting power his power still grows. Surely that is an indication of intrinsic worth, a proof of innate strength.

Photograph: JCPML. Records of th e Curtin family. Election pamphlet, Balaclava 1914. JCPML00376/62