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Portrait of Elizabeth Jolley by Meg Padgham
Portrait of Elizabeth Jolley, 1977
Artist Meg Padgham,


Portrait by Peter Kendall 1984
Portrait of Elizabeth Jolley 1984
Artist Peter Kendall

Portrait by Peter Kendall 1986
Portrait of Elizabeth Jolley 1986
Artist Peter Kendall

Portrait of Elizabeth Jolley by Mary Moore 2003
Portrait of Elizabeth Jolley 2003
Artist Mary Moore

Pear Tree Dance quilt by Lesley Fitzpatrick
The Pear Tree Dance 1999
Artist Lesley Fitzpatrick
Photographer Hans Versluis


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Artworks-Visual and Literary

Padgham, Meg.  Portrait of Elizabeth Jolley. Framed, oil on board. 94 [height] x 71 [width] cm. Private collection.

Kendall, Peter. Portrait of Elizabeth Jolley. Oil on canvas. 122 [height] x 80 [width] cm. Property of artist. See

Kendall recalls painting this portrait at Jolley's house "alla prima" (direct painting, wet into wet, until finished), taking about three hours. The painting won the WA Australia Day Portrait Prize in 1984.

Kendall, Peter. Portrait of Elizabeth Jolley. Oil on canvas. 148 [height] x 92 [width] cm. Property of artist.

Kendall's intention was to show Jolley's intelligence/observational skills, "how she was interested not interesting." The portrait won the 1986 WA Australia Day Portrait Prize.

Rodriguez, Judith. "Elizabeth and Red Socks in Perth." Meanjin 46.3 (1987): 356-57.

Poem honouring Elizabeth Jolley.

Lightfoot, Pippa. "Elizabeth's Trunk." Reproduction of "Three Miles to One Inch," by Elizabeth Jolley [Orchard Thieves 3-31, slightly altered]. Limited ed. of three books, concertina format on cream Arches BFK Rives with covers on Washi paper; etching and woodcut with screen print. 9 x 11 cm in wooden box 17 x 18.5 cm. 16 pages. Artwork held by Art Gallery of WA.

Scannell, Reece, Di Yerbury and Thomas Shapcott. Interviews with the Camera. Sydney: Macquarie University, 1989. 46, 84.

Humphries, Barry. "Maroan (for Elizabeth Jolley)." Neglected Poems and Other Creatures. Pymble, NSW: Angus and Robertson, 1991. 103-04. Rpt. as "Maroan" (without dedication) by Humphries, Barry. The Flight of the Emu: Contemporary Light Verse. Ed. Geoffrey Lehmann. North Ryde, NSW: Angus and Robertson, 1990. 16-17.

Humphries's poem dates from 1955, and later was dedicated to Jolley. In his Introduction to Neglected Poems he says: "Dressed in a dowdy twin-set, plastic pearls and yellow conical hat and with a voice of fluting gentility, Mrs Everage, in her earliest stage incarnation, was much given to recitation. 'Maroan' . . . was amongst her earliest theatrical successes . . ." (p. 4).

Joel, Ben. Portrait of Elizabeth Jolley. Framed, oil on canvas. 160 [height] x 130 [width] cm. Private Collection.

Fitzpatrick, Lesley. "The Pear Tree Dance." Quilt, appliquéd and stitched. 180 [height] x 130 [width] cm. Created for the Material Women 1999: Quilts that Tell Stories Project, sponsored by the Western Australian Government Centenary of Women's Suffrage Committee, the Occupational Therapy Research Centre of Western Australia, and the School of Occupational Therapy at Curtin University of Technology. Held in the Elizabeth Jolley Research Collection, John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library, Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia.

In "The Pear Tree Dance," her entry in the elegant catalogue for this exhibition, Celebrating 100 Years of Women's Suffrage (ed. Katie Hill and Margaret Ross, Perth: Curtin University of Technology, 1999, 48-49), Fitzpatrick describes how she was inspired by a passage in The Newspaper of Claremont Street to create a quilt that symbolises the land and dance.

Moore, Mary. Portrait of Elizabeth Jolley. With didactic panel texts chosen by Brian Dibble. Framed, oil on board. 152 [height] x 131.3 [width] cm. National Portrait Gallery, Canberra. Commissioned with funds from the Basil Bresler Bequest 2003. See

Shapcott, Thomas. "Aubade: For Elizabeth Jolley." Weekend Australian 21-22 June 2003: Review 9.

Shapcott, Thomas. "Cape Lilacs." The City of Empty Rooms. Cambridge: Salt Publishing, 2006. 10. Also published in Blue Dog: Australian Poetry 5:10 (2006): 8.

Dedicated to Elizabeth Jolley.

Cape Lilacs

"Great Branches Fall". Music, photography and narration by Benjamin Anderson.

The grandson of Hannah Levey, one of Jolley's dearest friends, pays tribute to her by setting her poem to music and landscape photos.

Great Branches Fall

Portrait of Elizabeth Jolley by Ben Joel
Portrait of Elizabeth Jolley 1995
Artist Ben Joel
Photographer Hans Versluis