'Frank Hyett' - by Marat, Westralian Worker, 2 May 1919, page 1


"Marat" - Frank Hyett

Frank Hyett, whose death was announced last Friday from pneumonic influenza, was the ablest trades union official in Victoria. His work as General Secretary of Victorian Railways Union is expressed in everything that the VRU is. Without him it was a negation. Coming in about eleven years ago he leaves it with a vast membership, a building of its own, and substantial holdings in Labor Papers Limited. In addition improvements in conditions are but milestones along the track the union has travelled. Frank was a master at compression. This was as true with regard to his data in connection with a shunter’s grievance as it was in respect to his exceptional ability on the public platform.



Few industrial leaders possessed the many sidedness of Frank Hyett. Years ago he was an enthusiastic footballer, and more recently was a front rank interstate cricketer. But above all he was a boon comrade. His friendships were glories which to many sorrowful chaps can from now on but become poignant memories. Death is terrible when it scoops off the invaluable truly human men... A wife and three of the happiest, sweetest kids the world has seen will face the world with sad hearts. Yet they will be brave!