Extract from oral history of Tom Fitzgerald

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John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library. Records of the National Library of Australia. Interview of Tom Fitzgerald, 01/02/1998 - 3/09/1998. JCPML00658/1. Original held by National Library of Australia TRC 2247

And at the embarkation depot here at Bradfield Park while we waited I was introduced by an old friend of mine, Ted O’Halloran, a very tall young man, to an equally tall young man called Gough Whitlam. Thereby establishing a marvellously one-up relationship against Gough Whitlam because I’m able to remember our first meeting when he had under his arm and was insisting on quoting from The Faber Book of Comic Verse. Whereas he can’t remember it. And if there’s anyone who hates to be outdone in memory it’s Gough Whitlam. Our relations have never been easy.