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The US/Australia alliance: Why it's still relevant

Public Lecture by Professor Ross Terrill, 3 April 2006, Curtin University of Technology, sponsored by the JCPML, the John Curtin Institute of Public Policy and the US Consulate General, Perth, WA.

Professor Ross Terrill

Professor Terrill, author, China specialist and noted scholar on Australia's relationship with the United States, graduated from the University of Melbourne and served in the Australian Army. He won a Frank Knox Fellowship to Harvard University and undertook a PH.D. in political science there in 1970. He was appointed to the Harvard faculty in 1971, and became associate professor 1974-1980. He is both an Australian and an American citizen.

Professor Terrill has written several books, including China in Our Time, Madame Mao,
800,000,000: The Real China, Mao, Socialism as Fellowship: R. H. Tawney and His Times and The Australians. Professor Terrill's current book, The New Chinese Empire, won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in 2004.

He is Associate in Research, Fairbank Center for East Asian Research, Harvard University, and Visiting Professor (spring term), at the Australian Studies Center, University of Texas at Austin.