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From Curtin to Coombs: War and peace in Australia

Seminar at Curtin University of Technology, 25 March 2003

From Curtin to Coombs: war and peace in Australia provided an opportunity to investigate, illustrate and illuminate the JCPML's exhibition – John Curtin's Legacy: Leading Australia from war to peace.

Curtin and Labor's full employment promise

Dr Tim Rowse, History Program, Research School of Social Sciences, ANU

From Aliens to Austr(aliens): a look at immigration and internment policies

Dr Nonja Peters, Director, Migration, Ethnicity, Refugees & Citizenship Research Unit, Curtin University of Technology

Families and Food: wartime tucker

Ms Michal Bosworth, historian and researcher
Dr Nonja Peters, Dr Tim Rowse & Ms Michal Bosworth
Speakers: L to R: Dr Nonja Peters, Dr Tim Rowse & Ms Michal Bosworth
Chair: Professor David Black, JCPML Historical Consultant (not pictured)