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ERA Treasure Hunt

The Electronic Research Archive (ERA) contains many fascinating 'treasures' amongst the personal papers, photographs, oral histories, copies of official records and other archival material relating to the life and times of John Curtin.

This treasure hunt is a lot of fun and leads you to some of the fascinating and lesser known 'personal treasures' to be found in ERA.

You can either:

  • Print this page and have it in front of you while you do the Treasure Hunt, then access ERA and Check your answers once you have finished, or

  • Keep this web page open and use another window to access ERA and do the Treasure Hunt. Then swap between browser windows to see this page and the ERA pages. This way you can check your answers as you go.


Treasure Hunt 1 - Was the PM a surfie?


Here’s a photo of Australia's wartime Prime Minister, John Curtin.
But what did he look like relaxing at the beach?

Try a Simple Search to find this 'treasure of an image' using the words:

     curtin beach photographs

Read the words John Curtin wrote on the back of the photograph of himself at the beach. What do his words tell you about him?
     i. He liked to wear the latest fashion in swimwear.
     ii. He had a good sense of humour.
     iii. He thought he was pretty good looking.

Check answer

John Curtin

Treasure Hunt 2 - What's the PM's connection with custard powder?


Did you know that there was a connection between John Curtin and custard powder?

Find out what the connection was by doing a Simple Search using the words:

     custard powder

a. What brand of custard powder has a connection to John Curtin?

b. What group of people are featured in the collectors' cards?

c. How many collectors' cards are there altogether?

d. Which card number features John Curtin and when was it produced?

e. One of the following products did not contain a collectors' card. Which one was it?
     i. pudding mixtures
     ii. blanc manges
     iii. arrowroot
     iv. choc chip muffin mix

Check answers


Treasure Hunt 3 - Was the PM a sporting legend?


John Curtin loved cricket but could he really play? Fred Mann, who played cricket against Curtin in Curtin's home suburb of Cottesloe in 1927, reveals all in his oral history interview.

Do a Simple Search using the words:

     cricket mann oral history

a. Why did Fred Mann initially think that 'Jack' Curtin would not be a very good batsman?
     i. Curtin had only one arm.
     ii. Fred thought that Curtin was too old to bat well.
     iii. Curtin was such a good bowler that Fred didn't think he could possibly be good at batting too.
     iv. Curtin had a very distinct cast in his left eye and Fred didn't think he'd be able to see the ball properly.

b. How did Fred Mann describe Curtin as a batsman?

Check answers


Treasure Hunt 4 - Favourite foods and stylish socks?


Official records can be marvellously detailed in what they reveal about our nation's leaders. For example, you can find a 'document treasure' in ERA that provides information about Prime Minister Curtin's usual style of socks and the kind of meals he liked best!

Do a Simple Search using the words:

     socks food

a. Name a few of John Curtin's favourite foods.

b. What style of socks did the Prime Minister wear?

Check answer

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