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Snake Clip ArtSnakes & Ladders

Get together with some friends and play this Snakes and Ladders game to learn more about Prime Minister Curtin's life and have fun.

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Jigsaw Clip ArtJigsaw

Complete the jigsaw and reveal the headline of the front page of this 1940s newspaper.

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An envelop addressed to Thomas StokerAstonishing Artefacts

Learn more about communications in World War 2 in this quiz and code breaking activity.

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Abacus Clip ArtA Numbers Game

Investigate how John Curtin became Prime Minister.

2, 4, 6, 8, let's investigate!

Beach clip artTreasure hunt

Go hunting in the online archive and find treasures that reveal the past. Was Prime Minister Curtin really a surfie? And much more...

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Navy Recruitment poster 'Join the Navy for a Grand Career '. National Archives of Australia: C934/P1 Folder 6John Curtin & World War Two

Find out about Prime Minister Curtin and the Australian war effort. Explore

Gas mask clip artMake a model gas mask

Grab your cardboard, bubble wrap and elastic and find out why gas masks were a part of life on the homefront in World War Two.

Make a model gas mask

Goverment pamphlet encouraging recycling of rags. JCPML00715/2At home in World War Two

How was life different for families at home in the war years?

Explore Make do and mend
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