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The express train from Perth to Kalgoorlie - 'The Westland'  (Australian Railway Historical Society)

Crossword Puzzle (Answers to clues are found by interpretating photographs)

Suitable for years 5-10. Based on the resource On Track: Curtin's Railway Journeys which explores John Curtin's lifelong link with train travel, from 1917 when the trans Australia line first spanned the continent until the mid 1940s. The activity offers:

  • 25 images (mainly photographs) with accompanying information;
  • crossword questions which relate to interpreting the images; and
  • a completed crossword which can be checked online.

Wartime government publicity urging support for the war effort 'The Spearhead reaches South - It's total war.'

Crossword Activity (Answers to clues are found by interpreting online displays)

Suitable for years 5-9. Based on the online exhibition John Curtin, A Man of Peace, A Time of War which explores John Curtin's life and his role as Australia's prime minister in World War Two.The activity offers

  • 26 clues relating to John Curtin and Australia in the years of World War Two;
  • a completed crossword which can be checked online.