Diary of a Labour Man: 1917 - 1945

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"On this day, hallowed through the years by the memories of those who gave their all in 1914-18, the people of the Commonwealth renew their dedication to the attainment of peace which, at the eleventh hour to-day, we recall. "Australia pays tribute to those splendid men who made the supreme sacrifice almost a quarter of a century ago and pledges that no effort shall be too great for us to make so that we can, once again, have an Armistice Day that will mark a new peace in which a new world can he built. "We express our determination to go forward, confident in the justice of our cause. We believe in the rightness of human beings struggling against the rule of force; clinging to ideals of a better way of life and in the firm hope that the fellowship of men can, in this civilization of ours, become a very real thing. "The Commonwealth Government offers its homage to the dead. It places itself at the service of the living; that their future may be one free from the terrors of Nazi-ism and Fascism. As we gather to-day in a communion of silence, let us fortify ourselves for the grim days of struggle ahead with the recollection of what brave men suffered in 1914-18."

JCPML. Records of the Commonwealth of Australia.  Digest of Decisions and Announcements and Important Speeches by the Prime Minister. No. 5, 6 - 12 November 1941, p21.   JCPML00110/10.