Diary of a Labour Man: 1917 - 1945

Full text Leader of the Opposition


[On letterhead marked: The Parliament of the Commonwealth, Leader of the Opposition, Canberra, FCT]

Wednesday, April 21, 1937

My Dearest,

Very lovely day here for the 21st anniversary -at least for my share of it. It has been a happy time & I still think that you are the nicest lady in the land. And I have a feeling that I have been amazingly lucky. Like [Blanked out] I must have "a way with women" for the only one I set my heart on was willing to say yes & has been my yes lady ever since. Of course I think now I deserve it. But maybe I don't. None of us ever do. But I bless you for all the years of loveliness you have given me; for the sticking-to-me in all sorts of weather & for the sweet kindness which has marked all your spirit from the day I first saw you. And we will celebrate the 20 years on the day the Gwydir poll is taken-for I'll be home that day. I have not time to say more now-two interruptions to this note already & now I have to go to an appointment.

Am well & content. We may win Gwydir. And in any case the result is not everything.

Mum is reported as a lot better as are all the folk at B/wk.

All my heart my dearest & most beloved,

Your loving husband


XXXX Curtin may have made a mistake because this would have been their 20th wedding anniversary, unless he is referring to something else