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  Oral histories

Gladys Joyce
   Interviewer: Isla MacPhail
   Date of interview: 3 July 1997
   Accession Number: JCPML00210
   Copyright: John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library

Harry Krantz
   Interviewer: Isla MacPhail
   Date of interview: 28 October 1996
   Accession Number: JCPML00186
   Copyright: John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library

Beverley Lane
   Interviewer: Lesley Carman-Brown
   Date of interview: 1 September 1998
   Accession Number: JCPML00306
   Copyright: John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library

Elsie MacLeod
   Interviewer: Ronda Jamieson
   Dates of interview: 10 May 1994 and 20 Feb 1995
   Accession Number: JCPML00012
   Copyright: John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library and the Library Board of Western Australia

Frederick Mann
   Interviewer: Isla MacPhail
   Date of interview: 29 November 1997
   Accession Number: JCPML00250
   Copyright: John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library

  Video footage

JCPML video of 24 Jarrad St, Cottesloe, September 1998


The JCPML acknowledges the assistance of John Curtin (son of Prime Minister John Curtin) in providing extra information about the house and of Beverley Lane (grand-daughter of John Curtin) in making the house available for recording in 1998 and for her significant oral history about the house.

This interpretation has been put together by Michal Bosworth with considerable assistance from the staff of the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library.


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