Accommodating work and family life
John Curtin's daughter, Elsie Macleod recalls how work duties took up her father's time at home.

JCPML. Records of Elsie Macleod. Interview of Elsie Macleod,
1994 & 1995. JCPML00012. (Interviewer Ronda Jamieson)

RJ And when he was a member, Elsie, to what extent, in those days did people expect him to do things for them? How much ..?

MACLEOD Oh yes, there would have been quite a degree of that Perhaps not so much when he became Prime Minister, but while he was just the Member for Fremantle, and even when he became Leader of the Opposition, there would be quite a lot of callers to the house, or non-stop telephone calls. But also people with letters written to him about different things

RJ And how would he deal with them?

MACLEOD Well, some things would be passed off over to a secretary or to the party, but I think he tried to do what he could. I suppose it depended on who they were or how he was feeling at the time or whatever, you know. I think all parliamentarians get it. It may be easier now, perhaps, I don't know actually. In those days I think it was just part of the job and we had to live with it.

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