The Early Years - Home for a growing family
John Curtin's daughter, Elsie Macleod recalls games of cricket in the back yard of the Jarrad St home

JCPML. Records of Elsie Macleod. Interview of Elsie Macleod,
1994 & 1995. JCPML00012. (Interviewer Ronda Jamieson)

RJ You have a reasonably large backyard. Do you remember playing games in the yard with your father?

MACLEOD Well, it was more my father and my brother. I think they played a bit Of cricket I think it was across the [backyard]. The lawn didn't go down the back part so much. Of course, we didn't have the double garage there. There was the wood shed, that was all that was there then So I think they played a bit of cricket and so forth. That's all I remember I don't think there was anything other than that.

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