The Early Years - Home for a growing family
John Curtin's daughter, Elsie Macleod recalls happy family outings to Cottesloe Beach

JCPML. Records of Elsie Macleod. Interview of Elsie Macleod,
1994 & 1995. JCPML00012. (Interviewer Ronda Jamieson)

"... I do remember going when we would all walk, the four of us, to the beach, because my mother bought - how many dozens of yards she must have bought of this striped towelling and she made - they were not coats. They had a cord through a shirred sort of neckline, so you did them up there and they were like capes, so we looked like a family of zebras going off to the beach. [laughs] My father didn't have one. It was towelling, but his was different. I think his might have been a bought one. But the three of us, my mother and my brother and myself [laughs] when I think of it now [laughs] we must have looked hilarious. I didn't see the funny side of it at the time. It just was normal, but when I look back on it now, even when I was in late teens I think it dawned on me. [laughs] But we all enjoyed the beach. We loved it."
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