Offices on the move - Brisbane

During Prime Minister Menzies' term there had been one meeting of the War Cabinet in Brisbane.

In 1942, after the arrival of American General Douglas MacArthur in Australia, Prime Minister Curtin's Principle Private Secretary, Frederick Shedden, established a Brisbane Secretariat to provide a link between MacArthur’s office and the Defence Department. This Brisbane office, located on the the fourth floor of the Commonwealth Office Building in Anzac Square, was staffed by Alistair Adam, an up and coming barrister. A secraphone link was installed in Adam’s office so that he could speak directly to Shedden in both Canberra and Melbourne. 1

Australian War Cabinet meeting in Brisbane, 1940

The Australian War Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Menzies, meets in Brisbane, 1940.
National Archives of Australia: A5954, 1299/2 Photo PL1


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