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Barbed wire and sandbags
Getting around
Keeping in touch
A House in the suburbs
Keeping healthy
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Having fun
"Make do and mend"
"Populate or perish"
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Online activities

We hope that teachers, students and community members will enjoy these interactive quizzes and activities. Each is based on the information from particular parts of the online publication.

Getting around - Check your knowledge of the facts with a short multiple choice quiz then challenge yourself with two thought-provoking questions.

Keeping healthy - This activity asks you to think about some of the food and health issues during World War II by imagining yourself as

  • a mother writing to her son serving overseas about food rationing
  • an American serviceman invited to the home of an Australian family
  • Australian Minister of Health explaining the government's new regulations on tuberculosis
  • Director of Lady Lawley Cottage being interviewed about the current epidemic of poliomyelitis.

Make do and mend - This activity focuses on fashion and coping with shortages and rationing in daily life in the war years. You are asked to imagine yourself as

  • a businessman who lost his suitcase of clothing
  • a government employee with the task of producing a pamphlet for women to encourage wise use of clothing coupons
  • a journalist with the Women's Weekly who is reporting a wedding for the gossip column 'On and Off Duty'
  • a young person describing a typical day out at Cottesloe beach to a friend.


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